Our Mission

Essence of Strength’s mission is to create mesmerizing, simplistic structural furniture using ultra-high-tech carbon composite materials for individuals who have a desire to own unique, bespoke gravity-defying furniture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to embrace and celebrate the extraordinary structural properties of  carbon fibre to produce a range of bespoke furniture that is not possible using more traditional materials.

About Us

Essence of Strength draws on the combined talents of Kristian Arens, a highly experienced industrial and superyacht designer with expertise in advanced composite materials together with Clive Johnson, a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record in delivering highly bespoke advanced composite products for ultra-high-net-worth individuals including the world’s tallest carbon composite superyacht sailing rigs, Sailing Yacht A and S/Y Solar.

This hugely experienced partnership has the passion and ambition to design bespoke and truly iconic contemporary furniture using a mix of ultra-modern carbon composites married with exquisite wood and leather bespoke artisan finishes.

The pieces are all designed in Great Britain and are manufactured using high-tech composite skills combined with artisan craftsmen for the bespoke finishes.

Our Team

Photo of Kristian Arens

Kristian Arens

Kristian Arens – is an industrial designer who studied at Brunel University and has won numerous design awards including the Autodesk Young Designer of the Year Award. Following a sponsorship with the Audi Design Foundation, Kristian worked as a design engineer with the celebrated James Dyson.  A passion with wind and watersports led to design careers with some of the world’s most renowned sailboat builders and Superyacht designers. Kristian has also designed a range of high performance carbon composite products for the windsurfing market. Kristian has a passionate interest in design innovation, new technologies and manufacturing processes and has had a long-standing ambition to design and manufacture range of iconic contemporary carbon furniture.

Photo of Clive Johnson

Clive Johnson

Clive Johnson is a Mechanical Engineer by training and is an accomplished entrepreneur with experience of building start-up businesses. His background is broad and he recently built up and headed a leading British carbon composite manufacturing business which manufactured the world’s two tallest carbon composite mast projects for Sailing Yacht A and the DynaRigs for S/Y Solar. Clive previously founded a global marine electronics company which developed cutting edge solar-powered electronics for sailors. Clive has a passion for developing niche businesses, building global brands and growing international sales and distribution. Essence of Strength perfectly combines Clive’s love of building products with his experience of cutting edge carbon materials.