• The EOS aero bench range in carbon
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  • A photo of the wood detail on the EOS chaise longue
Website PIXELS 22048 x 883

Inspired by simplistic structural forms and made possible by the use of ultra-high-tech carbon composite materials, Essence of Strength is passionate in its design and creation of contemporary, mesmerizing furniture that defy normal design parameters. Embracing and celebrating the extraordinary structural properties of carbon fibre are key to the philosophy behind this exciting company. Essence of Strength enables clients with a desire to explore the possibilities of carbon fibre in furniture design, to push the boundaries of this extraordinary material in residential, commercial and yachting environments.


Industrial designer Kristian Arens takes his structural inspiration from organic forms found in nature and uses natural curves to deliver the inherent structural strength in his cantilevered furniture designs which support varying human postures. Kristian’s gravity defying designs are a true engineering accomplishment that aim to deliver simplistic, luxurious elegance.

All our pieces are designed in Great Britain and manufactured using high-tech carbon composite skills and artisan craftsmen for the bespoke leather and wood finishes.


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